TOP 10 Mental Models for Unstoppable SUCCESS!

Source:- Daniel

Photos:- Canva

1. First Principle Thinking

Rethink the problem from the ground up.    Separate the underlying facts from assumptions made based on them.

2. Second-Order Thinking

Instead of thinking about the immediate consequences, think about the second-level consequences.

3. Inversion

Look at the problem at hand from the endpoint instead of the starting point.  Don't ask: "What do I need to do?" Ask: "What must I avoid?"

4. Opportunity Costs

Think about the costs that arise because you decide in favor of one option and thus against every other option.

5. Randomness

Keep in mind that there aren't always cause-effect relationships.  Lots of stuff is random.

6. Leverage

“Give me a lever long enough and I shall move the world.” - Archimedes

7. Margin of Safety

Assume that your assumptions can be wrong and plan with a safety margin.

8. Occam's Razor

Always start with the simplest explanation, the one based on the least assumptions.  Then move to the other explanations if wrong.

9. Law of Diminishing Returns

Up to a certain point, additional units offer more value.  But there's a turning point where additional units offer less and less value, and costs rise.

10. Niches

Specializing is an effective way to success. Use it and choose a niche where you become an expert.