Is Elon Musk's Twitter Facing Financial Ruin? (Details Inside)

Source: - Newsweek

Elon Musk's is predicted to face bankruptcy due to declining ad revenue, controversial decisions, and mounting debt.

Musk's shift to subscription income is seen as insufficient to save the platform.

Controversial management decisions, such as weakening the Trust & Safety team, are blamed for Twitter's troubles.

Musk's confrontational response to advertisers, telling them to "go fuck themselves," is highlighted.

Musk's success is attributed more to luck and connections than managerial brilliance.

Musk's biography depicts him as a risk-taker with low-probability bets paying off.

Musk's college and early business performances are portrayed as less impressive than his myth suggests.

Financial rescues for Musk's ventures are seen as a result of Silicon Valley connections and government funding.

Musk's wealth surge during the pandemic is noted, followed by a historic loss of $200 billion.

Despite wealth, Musk's recent events, like the Dealbook interview and challenges faced by his companies, emphasize a lack of uniqueness despite fame and fortune.