Musk's $1 Billion Offer to Wikipedia (With Unexpected Twist)

Source: - NDTV World

Elon Musk creates buzz by pledging $1 billion to Wikipedia in exchange for a name change.

Musk suggests renaming it "Dickipedia" for "accuracy.

Musk insists on the name change staying for a minimum of one year.

Wikipedia's homepage declares it's "not for sale," prompting Musk to question their fundraising motives.

Musk humorously asks for a cow and poop emoji on his Wikipedia page.

Musk's recent takeover of Twitter and its subsequent change to "X" adds to his online intrigue.

Users react with caution, skepticism, and humorous suggestions, calling Musk a "typical rich guy."

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales criticizes Musk for censoring critics of the Turkish president in May.

Musk and Wales clash on Twitter over principles of free speech and censorship.

Wikipedia was blocked in Turkey for over two years due to obscenity concerns and perceived threats to national security.