Did AI Destroy Their Friendship? Elon Musk Vs Larry Page

Elon Musk and Larry Page's friendship soured over differing views on AI dangers.

Page accused Musk of favoring humans over digital life forms at Musk's 2015 birthday celebration.

Musk predicted AI doom; Page envisioned a "digital utopia" with human-machine merger.

The disagreement unfolded in front of others, starting with jokes and escalating to a heated debate.

Musk emphasized his pro-human stance, saying, "I like humanity."

Conflicts over AI extended beyond the birthday party, including opposition to Google's DeepMind acquisition.

Musk tried to prevent DeepMind's acquisition, expressing concerns about Page's control over AI.

Musk left OpenAI's board in 2018 after a failed takeover attempt; he later started xAI.

xAI aims to understand the universe's true nature.

Tensions within OpenAI led to cofounder Sam Altman briefly being ousted.