9 Signs She Wants You To Kiss Her That You're Missing.

Source: - Masculine Notes

1.  Intense eye contact

One of the easiest signs a girl wants to kiss you is that particular kind of intense eye contact.

2.  She gets up close and personal

If she makes an effort to close the distance and move very close to your face, you’re in luck.

3.  she puts her head on your shoulder:

This is one of those easy-to-miss signs she wants you to make a move and it can be easy to miss.

4.  She starts acting shy

If the two of you have been comfortable around each other all night and she suddenly starts getting shy, pay attention.

5.  She begins to fidget around you

She might be feeling a little shy or nervous around you and starts playing with her hair, or the wine glass on the table, or even her jewelry.

6.  She's very comfortable with your touch

If she's open to you touching her, it’s a clear sign she’s comfortable around you and is into what’s happening.

7.  She keeps biting or licking her lips

She’s thinking about what she wants to do to you and doesn’t mind being forward about it.

8.  Her reaction to compliments

During your date, you simply touch her hair, make a comment on it and watch her reaction.

9.  Place her hand on top of yours

While you’re in a conversation, take her hand, casually place it on top of yours, then let go.   If she keeps it there for more than 10 seconds, she’s more than likely ready to be kissed.