In this story, we'll explore six transformative passive income ideas that can propel you toward the road to financial freedom.

7 November  2023

- research companies  - buy the stock  - get paid dividends

1. Dividend stocks

- purchase rentable assets    (real estate, vehicles, equipment)  - find renters  - collect rental income

2. Rental income

- write books  - publish on KDP  - promote your books - collect a royalty for each sale

3. KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

- create digital products  - publish on Gumroad  - promote your products  - collect royalties for each sale

4. Gumroad (digital products, ebooks)

- become an expert in one area  - create a great course - promote your course  - collect royalties

5. Online courses

- start a YT channel  - become an expert in one area  - create videos around that niche - grow your channel  - collect ad revenue

6. YouTube channel

Choose any of these ideas and commit to it for just six months. The power to change your life lies within your grasp. Start your journey to wealth and freedom today!

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