In this web story, we will explore the top 10 lessons from the book that can help you discover your own Ikigai and lead a more meaningful life.

November 4, 2023

Discover what you love to do, what makes your heart sing. Your Ikigai often lies at the intersection of your passions.

1. Find Your Passion:

Identify your talents and strengths and use them in your daily life. This is where you can excel and find fulfillment.

2. Do What You're Good At:

Your Ikigai involves contributing positively to the world. Find a way to help others and make a difference.

3. Add Value to the World:

Simplicity and minimalism can lead to a more meaningful life. Cut out the unnecessary and focus on what truly matters.

4. Balance Simplicity:

Embrace the moment and be fully present in your daily activities. The past is history, and the future is uncertain, so cherish the now.

5. Live in the Present:

Pay attention to what you eat. The Okinawans have a saying: "Hara hachi bu," which means eat until you are 80% full.

6. Eat Mindfully:

Keep your body moving through regular physical activity. Stay active to maintain vitality and health.

7. Stay Active:

Strong social connections are a key component of Ikigai. Cultivate meaningful relationships with family and friends.

8. Nurture Relationships:

Learn to bounce back from challenges and setbacks. Resilience is essential in the pursuit of Ikigai.

9. Embrace Resilience:

Your Ikigai is a lifelong journey of self-discovery. It might evolve over time, so be open to change and growth.

10. Discover Your Purpose: